Tribute to Nanette gathers Anne Frank Youth Network Brazil at a special night

On Anne Frank’s 90th birthday, her friend Nanette Blitz Konig, a Holocaust survivor, was honored for her contribution to the fight against prejudice and discrimination.

The event, sponsored by the Instituto Plataforma Brasil and Anne Frank House, had the partnership of Conib –  Israeli Confederation in Brazil and the Israeli Federation of Sao Paulo State, the General Consulate of the Netherlands in Sao Paulo and the Jewish Memorial of Immigration and Holocaust.

Nanette Blitz Konig is the author of the book “I Survived the Holocaust,” in which she recounts the days of terror she experienced when she was a teenager. Her work presents her memories from that period, and has inspired young people all over Brazil and abroad to fight for a more just and equal society.

She was a friend of Anne Frank and was the last in her class to speak with Anne, when they met at the Bergen Belsen concentration camp. At that opportunity, Anne told Nanette about the diary which she had written, which later became world renowned.

​At the event, participants from the Anne Frank Brazil Youth Network presented Nanette with a tribute from the Anne Frank House of Amsterdam for her importance in combating prejudice and discrimination, and her work on behalf of the memory of the darkest period in human history, from which she is one of the few survivors. She also received a Certificate of Planting Trees in the Brazilian Forest in Israel, by KKL Brasil President Eduardo El Kobbi.

Hosted by Joelke Offringa, president of the “Plataforma Brasil Institute“, the ceremony featured speeches by Jacques Levy, representing the Israeli Federation of Minas Gerais, by Reuven Faingold, representing the Jewish Immigration and Holocaust Memorial, by Boris Ber and Karen Didio Sasson, representing Conib, by the Consul Henriëtte Bersee, the General Consulate of the Netherlands and also by Salgado Maranhão, who did a public reading of his poem in honor of Anne Frank.

In their speeches, they all highlighted the importance of Anne Frank and her diary for the history and memory of the Holocaust, as well as the relevance of Nanette’s work, which have been strengthening the fight against prejudice and discrimination and bringing hope for a better world for young people.

Moved by the homage, Nanette and her husband John were thankful for the beautiful tribute and emphasized the importance of being vigilant because anti-Semitism is still alive and active.

After the ceremony, a public presentation of the documentary “The classmates of Anne Frank” was held. The film, produced by Theo Coster, who was also Anne’s classmate at the Jewish High School, tells the story of five survivors of Anne Frank class. They lived in different parts of the world when the documentary was made.

presentation of the documentary “The classmates of Anne Frank

With relentless energy, at 90 years of age, Nanette ended the evening autographing copies of her book “I Survived the Holocaust.”

(collaboration: Liane Gotlib Zaidler, press officer of Conib)

Check out all photos of the event on our Flickr channel

Anne Frank Youth Network

Before the ceremony, participants of the Anne Frank Youth Network of the cities Cabreuva, Santos and Belo Horizonte participated in a guided tour of the Afro Brazil Museum, where they were able to see parts of the collection of more than 6 thousand works of art, including paintings, sculptures, engravings, photographs, documents and ethnological pieces, by brazilian and foreign authors, produced between the XVIII century and present day.

The museum’s collection contains several aspects of the African and Afro-Brazilian cultural universes, addressing issues such as religion, work, art, slavery, among other themes, while recording the historical trajectory and African influences on the modeling of Brazilian society.

The group was also welcomed at the Holocaust Museum of the Jewish Immigration Memorial, which hosted the event.

With an interactive and audiovisual collection, the memorial traces back, through its photos, videos, antiques and installations, that tragic episode that has killed millions of Jews in Europe during World War II.

To participate in that event, the Anne Frank Youth Network – Brazil received a donation from a father of a participant of the Anne Frank Youth Network – Netherlands. The Anne Frank House indicated the Brazilian group to receive that donation.

The visits to the museums and participation of the event, as well as the purchase of t-shirts, the book of Nanette and the Diary of Anne Frank received by each one of them was possible thanks to that donation.

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