Newsletter – may 2019

Anne Frank Youth Network of Cabreuva promotes a series of activities

The Anne Frank Youth Network Cabreuva, in the countryside of Sao Paulo, has been strengthening it self and since the beginning of the year, has carried out a series of educational activities that combat prejudice and discrimination and promote equal rights, democracy and freedom of expression. With bi-monthly meetings, the youth of the Network debate themes that concern them and are becoming important proponents of youth leadership in the city.

Anne Frank Youth Network Cabreúva at Lucídio Motta Navarro School

As part of its activities for 2019, three of the city’s state public schools will host the exhibit “Learning with Anne Frank -Stories that Teach Values“. For this, IPB promoted a program by the Anne Frank House called “Train the Trainer“, which prepared the youth to train twenty-four monitors and three teachers with the knowledge and skills necessary to guide the expositions in each school.

The public state schools that will receive the exhibitions are, in order of installation: Lucidio Motta Navarro (20th of May); Mayor Antonio Odilon Franceschini (3rd of June) and Ana Mesquita Laurini (10th of June).

Train the Trainer Workshop for the exhibition Learning with Anne Frank

On August 12th, in celebration of World Youth Day, the exhibitions will conclude with a large event entitled: Challenges of Youth: Let’s Think Together bringing together young people from all state schools of the municipality. The topics of discussion during the event will be focusing on dangers arising from prejudice, discrimination and drugs. These topics were decided on during the Life with a Purpose workshop, held in May 2018 with the participation of more than 55 young people from Cabreuva.

This action by the Anne Frank Youth Network Cabreuva is promoted by the Instituto Plataforma Brasil, in partnership with the Anne Frank House and the local state schools, and has the support of the Municipal Secretariats of Culture and Education of Cabreuva.

Belo Horizonte embraces the educational power of Anne Frank

Since last year, schools and libraries in Belo Horizonte have hosted exhibitions and activities of the Anne Frank Belo Horizonte Nucleus in partnership with Instituto Plataforma Brasil.

From 2018 until now, more than 30 thousand people have passed through the exhibitions in cultural centers, public schools and their libraries, Cras, CEFET – Federal Center of Technological Education, besides the Theodor Herlz school at the Jewish community of Belo Horizonte.

This year alone, 22 activities were held, including exhibitions, lectures, workshops and training, involving more than 3 thousand participants in the activities and with 8 thousand visitors of the exhibitions.

To get an idea of ​​the importance that Anne has in the city, based upon the work developed by the Nucleus, the Francisca Alves municipal school library was renamed in March after the young Jewish writer.

Anne Frank Panel, produced by students

During the inauguration of the Anne Frank Library, Joëlke Offringa, president of Instituto Plataforma Brasil, and the educator responsible for the Anne Frank Educational Program, Adriana Terra, were in Belo Horizonte to acknowledge the work done by the Nucleus. In addition to the inauguration of the library and the meeting with the educators involved in the activities, the team met with community leaders from the Confisco neighborhood, where the Anne Frank School is located, as well as with the leaders of the Santa Lucia Community, where they made a presentation about the experience of the Cruyff Court Ermelino Matarazzo project.

Visit to the Gloria Marques Diniz school

Further strengthening the work done in the city, the educator Adriana returned to Belo Horizonte recently to participate in the training of the members of the Anne Frank Nucleus and teachers of the schools that will receive exhibitions throughout the year.

Beyond consolidating the Anne Frank Belo Horizonte Youth Network, she was also able to participate in the activities held at the Amilcar Martins School. Among the surprises of the day, she was pleased to see the students presenting Cordeis (a typical style of Brazilian musical poetry) on Anne Frank. These talented students, showing their dedication on the subject, thrilled teachers and colleagues with their knowledge of the history of Anne and World War II. Validating that Anne Frank continues to revolutionize even 74 years after her death.

The exhibition “Learning with Anne Frank” is promoted through a partnership of the Anne Frank Belo Horizonte Nucleos, Instituto Histórico Israelita Mineiro, The Instituto Plataforma Brasil and the Anne Frank House of Amsterdam and the Instituto Plataforma Brasil, with the support of the Federação Israelita de Minas Gerais and the General Consulate of the Netherlands in Rio de Janeiro.

Cruyff Court Ermelino Matarazzo restructured for new phase of the project

Activities in 2019 began in full force at the Cruyff Court Ermelino Matarazzo with 300 students enrolled and 150 students on a waiting list.

With the re-allocation of costs, we extended the amount received through the São Paulo Sports Incentive Law beyond what was anticipated. However, in early April, the project temporarily suspended its classes due to lack of funds.

When the project was suspended, the community – parents, families, students and teachers – mobilized in an effort to rectify the situation so that classes could resume as soon as possible. Among the actions promoted by the parents was a manifesto as well as an online petition that requests the authorities’ special attention to this project which has already benefited more than four thousand children and adolescents in the region through sports, ethics and citizenship initiatives.

Meeting of the community

On April 25, the municipal sports secretary Carlos Bezerra Jr. and his team received representatives from the IPB as well as the families of the students in order to learn more about the impacts created by the project in the last eight years. He committed to seek solutions to the current management and maintenance problems that Cruyff Court Ermelino Matarazzo faces.

Meeting with sports secretary Carlos Bezerra Jr.

Study group

On another front, a study group composed of volunteers and the youngsters from the project has gathered on Tuesdays to share their experience of eight years Cruyff Court Ermelino Matarazzo and the methodology applied throughout this period.

The study group is being led by Maurício Teodoro, who was the coordinator in the initial stages of the project from 2011 and 2012. During that time, he had the opportunity to do a training program in Holland at the KNVB – Dutch Football Confederation. Mauricio is now sharing this knowledge with the youngsters and volunteers.

In this way, the time during this interruption with the field-activities has been utilized to deepen our knowledge and prepare for the new phase of Cruyff Court Ermelino Matarazzo by systemizing all the knowledge, which has been accumulated in over eight years of experience and also to implement the IPB Youth Program. 

This program aims at continuing the training of the youngsters who have been participating for many years in the Cruyff Court Ermelino Matarazzo by actively involving them in the preparation of the new stage as well as stimulating youth leadership roles.

Cruyff Court Ermelino Matarazzo receives certificate for fundraising

In April, Cruyff Court Ermelino Matarazzo received the Sports Incentive Certificate (CID in portuguese) from the State Sports Department of São Paulo, which makes the project eligible for funding under the São Paulo Sports Incentive Law. The taxpayer interested in sponsoring a project may allocate up to 3% of the monthly ICMS taxes normally due to the State.

This year, the project will raise resources on two fronts: one for the rebuilding of the field where the project is installed and another for the sports program, which provides soccer lessons to 300 children and adolescents in the east region of São Paulo for a period of 12 months.

Cruyff Court EM team with state secretary of sports Aildo Rodrigues

For this new phase of the program, we already have the partnership of Owens-Illinois / Cisper and the company MN Tecidos.

For more information about the project or other forms of sponsorship and partnerships, contact us at:

Go Alemoa Go: The resumption of the activities

Empower the community through cultural and athletic activities, which promote youth leadership, strengthen the skills of local residents and inspire collaborative actions: this is the goal of the work developed by the Go Alemoa Go project. 

Last year, a series of activities were developed connecting the entire local community to actions of the Anne Frank Educational Program as well as sports activities, based on the methodology of Cruyff Court Ermelino Matarazzo.

The positive impact this project has already begun to blossom. Even before the restart of the 2019 official programming which took place in April, 14 adolescents who participated in the program in 2018 at UME Oswaldo Justo gathered to discuss this year’s activities of their Anne Frank Youth Network group. So far, 16 meetings have already been held focusing mainly on planning, training and visiting various locations where the activities will be organized.

Members of the Anne Frank Santos Youth Network

Among the activities of the Anne Frank Youth Network Santos is a visit to the Municipal Orchid House of Santos. This program is designed to integrate the “On Track with Anne Frank” – which focuses on emphasizing appreciation for the place where the participants live, recognizing it´s beauty and connecting them with the reflections of Anne Frank about her life and the restrictions she lived with.

Anne Frank Youth Network Santos during the guide training in the Municipal Orchid House of Santos

Delighted by the activity proposed by the young people, the managers of the Orchid House offered training to the adolescents of the Network, who will be in charge of guiding students of the last year of elementary school during their visit. In the tour, besides knowing the local beauties, the public will find quotes of Anne along the way.

Still to come in the programming for 2019, are educational activities in the schools Bartolomeu Gusmão and UME Oswaldo Justo. The first, which is a High School, will promote activities related to the Let Me Be Myself exhibition. This exhibition addresses themes such as identity and diversity and will take place during the months of August and September. At UME Oswaldo Justo, students will develop activities related to the exhibition Anne and Nanette, in celebration of the birthday of both 90 years ago. Nanette Blitz Konig was Anne’s classmate and a Holocaust survivor.

The sports activities, based on the technique of the Cruyff Court Ermelino Matarazzo resumed in April, with the arrival of a new teacher, Allan Fernando.

In early June, as a way to integrate the community and improve the space where the classes take place, there will be a joint effort with the entire community and volunteers, mostly Vopak employees, to renovate the court.

To follow up community activities, visit our Facebook page:

Go Alemoa Go is a local development project promoted through a partnership between Vopak / WeConnect and Instituto Plataforma Brasil in the community of Alemoa, in Santos, on the coast of São Paulo.

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